Hi Jeremy, Thank you that is great. Simon
Thank you very much Desiree
Really quite a lot of people will store data in an email autoresponder so maybe the title should be Autoresponder/CRM integration.
One use case would be to find the user in the autoresponder then see which courses they have taken and use Candu to show them courses that they have not already taken.Β 
Using data in the autoresponder, if the sex of the person was known then only things that would appeal to a woman could be shown in a way that would be more persuasive to women.
Another use would be quizes in Candu to create segmentation data then used by the autoresponder in an email campaign.Β 
Going forward the more personalization for marketing the better as it makes the user feel more appreciated and offers are more relevant hence increasing conversions
Yes I thing funnel creation would be great I also agree that webhooks are pretty much an industry standard as an option for moving data these days and would be a great addition. It should probably be a separate topic so people can vote on it-so I have added it as one.
The more personalization for marketing the better as the data suggest it is very effective
Advanced personalizaton using data from Encharge and segmentation sending data from Candu to Encharge