THIS 10000%.

Here is my .02$. I think Candu should only require a single script in the <head> without requiring slug/selectors. Instead of specifying the slug/selectors inside the <script>, the user simply defines the CSS ID for the Portal in the Portal details area below the "slug" and the CSS ID for the Content in the Content details area below the "slug".

Another way to make this even easier is to design the Chrome plugin to somehow select the CSS ID for the Content placement. As it works now, you can use the plugin to test insert the Content just about anywhere on any website page. If you could somehow make Candu select the CSS ID via this method it would be even easier and more people candu it.
Events as in delays, page scrolls, button clicks? Yes! I would love to have the ability to display content based on a delay (ex., 5s, 30s, 60s), after a page scroll (ex., 25%, 50%, etc), after a trigger (ex., a button click based on either class or id), etc.