Kim Felton

Immigration Attorney & Legal Tech Adventurer
This is great news! My current workaround has been to add a link but if I can embed it (tech-challenged clients) that is super helpful.

Just came here to submit this request. Loom is what I use for my client's videos and I just tried to embed one in my FAQ checklist. No dice.
ο»Ώ Jonathan Anderson ο»ΏΒ my users see the entire checklist at once. I have a test portal I use this on to verify everything is ready to rollout and I haven't been able to get a new step to populate upon completion. It's all or nothing.
YES. I ended up here because I'm trying to embed a Loom video and it's not working out.
ο»Ώ Jonathan Anderson ο»ΏΒ definitely google sheets if possible
When are you guys rolling this feature out?