Adam Walker

Product Marketer
Hey Simon, thanks for sharing this!Β 
What is a workflow you might expect by integrating Encharge with Candu?
Hey Vinod! Thanks for posting this question.Β 
What I would suggest is
  1. to give you an idea of the process, watching our video on how to install Candu components using GTM.
2. go to our GTM install documentation to find the script you'll need to install Β 
3. when you open up GTM, you'll create a new tag, then add the Candu script.Β 
4. you'll need to update the 'YOUR_CLIENT_TOKEN'
5. then for each component you want to load on the page update the 'content-unique-slug' and the selector '#your-element-id'Β 
6. if you want to have multiple Candu components on app, then you will need to duplicate this part of the script for each component:

// your content slug
slug: 'content-unique-slug',
selector: ".your-element-class",
thank you, David - this will help us plan our feature roadmap.
Awesome, thank you for this feedback, Matt. This will help us with designing the feature.Β